Yes we refund 100% cash amount incase customer cancel his order before 24 hours(if order not prepared), after this time slot order cancelation 50% Amount  will be refund(if order not prepared).
Refund Takes place within 7 days of cancellation.

In our site mostly gift items like Flowers, cakes, Fruits etc if customer not received fresh item then customer need to complaint with in 2 Hours, and don’t use these items we send our team he will inspect item if customers has valid complaint then we replace item if customer use these items and complaint After 2 Hours then complaint not acceptable. If items wrong delivered then client has to file complaint within 24 hours of delivery, After that complaint is not accepted.

Color and slight size difference of product can occur. Complaint will not be accepted for those.

if customer want to exchange his order with other Gift items( if order not prepared). Minimum time require for this 24 Hours. if order for same date then exchange not possible.

If any gift item  delivered in damage condition or not same customer need to complaint to our customer support within 5 hours, company replace this item within 3 working hours. after this time slot complaint not acceptable.

if customer want to cancel his order, please inform us 24 hours before,  if any customize item not prepared we can cancel his order as per customer demand and refund his amount within 7 working days.